Keith Allegretti 



Lament and Caprice

for Viola and Piano (2010)

Program Note

Lament and Caprice, composed and premiered in Berlin during the summer of 2010, is a short piece in two contrasting sections: a slow, lugubrious lament and a rhythmic caprice. While the wallowing character of the lament is idiomatic of the viola, the caprice section explores the possibilities of atypical viola writing, including several caprice-like characteristics: energetic nature, rhythmic activity, and virtuosic passagework. Both players are given challenging music to play in this fun, charismatic, and lively work.

Duration: ca. 5 minutes

Performance History

October 28, 2011
Houston, Texas
Yvonne Smith, viola; Andrew Schneider, piano
November 19, 2010
Houston, Texas
Jules Sulpico, viola; Andrew Schneider, piano
July 10, 2010
Berlin, Germany
Andrew Stiefel, viola; Isaac Brockshus, piano